I was in the mall the other day looking for the best duvet covers and happened to walk into a Bed Bath and Beyond. I walked around for a while until I realized that I actually needed some bedding. My cat had an “accident” on my down comforter the other day and the dry cleaner was unable to get the stain out. So I decided to check out what they had for sale. I was shocked at how expensive they were. A few days prior I had been checking out the best duvet covers on Tinybirdsorganics and I realized just how cheaper they were online than in the store.

I got home and I went on my computer and ordered a duvet and duvet cover from Amazon. They shipped it in less than 2 days with Prime shipping. I bought a 10 pound down duvet. It was pure white and made out of 100% Egyptian cotton with a 1000 thread count. The cover was also 1000 thread count. Believe it or not I paid less than $100 for both. When I got it out of the box, I was amazed at how good it felt and how soft it was. There really was no other way to explain how happy I was. I’m not sure what else to write here, and I got a massive migraine headache as I write this, but I’m trying my best. My cat is licking himself right now. I’m also sitting on my bed watching a movie and the comforter is extremely soft.

Washing it it not really an issue, but it’s highly recommended that you visit a dry cleaners if you want the duvet professional cleaned. Otherwise if you get the down inside wet, it will come out smelly and moldy. Some people claim that you can do it, but I would advise against it that kind of rough care. I read on BestDuvetCovers that bedding and duvets need to be professionally cleaned and washed, and you should not attempt it at home in your washing machine. The fabric is just too fragile and a home washing machine and dryer will rip them to shreds.

In conclusion I am very happy with my purchase. The covers look beautiful in my room and on the cold winter nights I am kept very warm without having to use my expensive home heater. One thing is that I do not allow my cats on the comforter. Their claws are very sharp and they tore tiny little holes into my old bedding and the down inside escaped and there were feathers everywhere in my bedroom. I decided to keep this one instead of returning it and I was able to sew it up with a home sewing kit.

I would highly recommend you watch the following video to ensure you know how to properly care for your new duvet cover.